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I have written about both self-help and technical topics, particularly in my field of expertise, geographic information systems (GIS). Hover over the image for a brief summary of each clip, and click if you want more information about each.

Canada Flag Map Tutorial
Using QGIS (for map creation) and GIMP (for image editing), I created this flag map for Canada’s 10 provinces and
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Making GIS Work for You
I enjoy helping newcomers to operate GIS tools like a pro. Making difficult GIS concepts intelligible to new users is
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Rejected? Five ways to Overcome the Sting
In the life of an author, rejection is ever-present. No amount of blood, sweat, and tears can prevent it. Learning
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Five Ways to Take Control of Negative Thoughts
Before all else, our brains want to keep us safe. As a consequence, we are wired for negativity. But it is
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