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Vancouver: Transit and Coffee

 “Doctors found traces of blood in my coffee stream.” Source: Unknown Vancouver has its fair share of coffee shops: over 250 of them, in fact. So whether you want the familiar Starbucks Americano or an fresh-brewed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from a hip local shop, Vancouver offers what you are looking for. And beyond the caffeine highs served up, coffee shops also provide a gathering place for university students, remote workers, and retirees, alike. A such, the density of coffee shops can…

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Toronto’s Greenest Neighourhoods

Toronto is known as a city of neighbourhoods: it is a city of 152 of them, in fact. This includes many that are well-known to locals and Torontophiles alike: The Danforth. Little Italy. Kensington-Chinatown. The Beaches (or is the the Beach?) Not to mention many more.  Toronto also refers to itself as a ‘city within a park’. This begs the question, how park-like is each neighbourhood?  To this end, I decided to calculate the percentage of each neighbourhood that is…

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