I was born in Western Canada, grew up in the Southwestern United States, and now call Canada home again. As a dual citizen, I have a curiosity about cultural differences. More recently, I have been an organizer of a Korean-English language exchange Meetup group. Getting to know the Korean culture, one that is very different from my own, has forced me to constantly challenge my assumptions.

Understanding what makes people tick is fascinating to me. This fascination extends to my professional life. Getting to the core of what a client wants means putting myself in his or her shoes. I make every attempt to do this so that I can deliver a product that is tailored to the individual client’s needs.

I have worked in the geographic information systems (GIS) field for 10 years, providing accurate analysis for decision-makers. I have also created documentation clearly explaining complicated GIS processes and procedures.

This is what I continue to do today in my GIS career. I seek to hone my GIS skills and work towards expert status while also seeking to engage with new users and people who don’t yet know what GIS can do for them.

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