Seabird Species Map

I created this map while I was the GIS Specialist at the Sea Around Us. This groundbreaking project took on the ambitious goal of assessing the impact of global fisheries on the world’s oceans from 1950 right up to the present. This map was created as part of a research project on seabirds, and the impact fisheries have had on the population of birds that depend on fish for their survival.

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Rejected? Five ways to Overcome the Sting

In the life of an author, rejection is ever-present. No amount of blood, sweat, and tears can prevent it. Learning to embrace, instead of fear, rejection is one of the best psychological changes a writer can make. I wrote the article Rejected? Five ways to Overcome the Sting for the Mr. Valentine blog, which is aimed specifically at science fiction romance writers.

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Five Ways to Take Control of Negative Thoughts

Before all else, our brains want to keep us safe. As a consequence, we are wired for negativity. But it is important to challenge our negative thoughts. Not all of them are valid. And many of those thoughts stop us before we even attempt something new. I wrote Five Ways to Take Control of Negative Thoughts for Mr. Valentine’s blog, to inspire writers to develop a more positive attitude and deal with challenges more successfully.

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